• Perhaps this is the most important part. Because what you are actually buying is the expertise and integrity of the living, breathing human beings who will be responsible for getting the job done. It is the critical factor that separates one research company or consultant from another.
  • Lollipop Research was founded by Keith Murphy. You will be working directly with him; no junior assistants will be assigned to your project. However he does have some very talented associates available who can provide any kind of specialized assistance needed. And when you call his phone number, you will get him on the other end of the line, or he will promptly return your call.
  • Keith has over thirty years of experience in designing and directing marketing research, intelligence, and trend information for three of the top US companies. He led numerous research areas and brands for M&M Mars/Masterfoods USA for nearly two decades. He was awarded the company’s top annual honor for the ground-breaking research behind several successful new product launches.
  • Our marketing research consultancy was established for specific limited categories in 1985, while Keith was an Associate of M&M/Mars. The dozens of clients have ranged from Fortune 100 companies to much smaller firms and institutions, with a client repeat rate of over 95%. “Lollipop Research” was created in 2002 to provide expertise for all product and service categories. Product categories have ranged from foods, drinks, clothing, and home improvement, to home furnishings, music supplies, catalog items, non-profit organizations and medical. Client privacy is protected, but references are available on request.
  • Keith earned an MBA from Indiana University, and has been a guest lecturer at other leading universities and conferences. He has been published in major print media, and has even made an appearance in the guest seat of The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Keith has been called “very creative for a research type” by a major advertising agency. Recently he was inductee #200 into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame for his former songwriting, international singing and recording efforts.