• The word Lollipop brings a smile! You should enjoy working with your marketing research partner. And likewise, Lollipop Research prefers to work with clients who are nice. After all, our business is a large part of our life. And no, we don’t just do research on lollipops.
  • Because the Top Pop of Lollipop Research believes good marketing research should also be interesting and even fun. Finding the answers to your questions and solutions to your issues can be exciting! We have a sense of curiosity, and believe this is a key indicator of a good research consultant and problem solver. There are many unthinking, uncaring number crunchers out there you can hire – we are not one of them.
  • And finally, we didn’t want our company to sound like a law practice or accounting firm, or even other research companies for that matter. We did something that is far too rare in this field: we actually took our own research advice and gave ourselves a unique and memorable name!